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Our Focus:

Since April 1975,.. Our motto has been: “We Take you there in style” enjoy a cultural experience.  Wherever  and however you want to go..worldwide..we will always know where to send you. Enjoy your vacation..your way.

We are the one and only GI-GI TRAVEL, we have no other branch offices..anywhere. We are the premier travel agency in Brooklyn NY.

You have our solemn promise that we will always do everything better than anyone else. Not many have lasted 30 Plus years and it is because we are the experts. We have rare skills! We are people and not  “machines.”

We can sift through mountains of information and determine what is relevant to you our customer.
We go everywhere..we span the globe.

You get a live voice when you call during office hours..however we do have a 24/7 “HOT LINE.”

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Almost everyone has a computer or access to one. Do you have the time or expertise to spend hours of your precious time searching for a so-called “good deal.” Do you know one when you see one? Do you think that if it is on the internet it has to be valid? Don’t get caught in a travel scam..there are plenty of them out there.

Through the years..we have established personal relationships with suppliers who have the “staying” power. Some of the suppliers have been in business as long as we have. What is a supplier? A supplier is anyone..a hotel..a cruise airline..that we buy a travel product from.

We offer you value for your value differs from price. We work to establish a relationship with you.. our customer based on mutual trust. Therefore, this website will not give you price lines. Prices will vary from season to season or destination to destination. You will get all the pricing which we will base on value, from our regular newsletter or by calling 718-778-8500.

We go everywhere, we span the world by air, land, sea, bus and rail. Did you know that a trip is anyplace you go 25 miles or more away from your home! LET’S GO!!!!!